Go Active!

Go Active provides a range of fun activities that the whole family will enjoy. Activities are delivered by our qualified instructors who will ensure you not only learn a great new skill but also have a fantastic time.  Activities are available for Park guests and the public. Kid's Parties and groups are also catered for. WATCH OUR GO ACTIVE FILM.

How to Book your Activity:

Our off-peak timetable can be found here.  Our School Holidays timetable can be found here. The Peak Timetable will run from the 9th - 25th February to accommodate the various half term holidays and the 23rd March – 15th April for the Easter holidays.

Please contact us if you are not sure whether you are staying during Peak or Off-Peak.  

If you are a group (family or individuals) and would like to discuss having a private activity session, please get in touch. 

To make a booking please telephone 01335 300 000 or email the Go Active team.  Details of activities can be found below:

Go Juniors

GO Juniors are activities that are specially designed for 3-7 year olds and will develop a range of skills in a fun and enjoyable environment.  Activities last for 1 hour and cost £5 per child. Adult supervisor is required.  Activities will take place indoors except in good weather. Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable clothing and footwear. 

Wild Wild West: This imaginative session combining craft and practical activities provides a fun way for children to learn about the wild, wild west. With singing, acting and dressing up creating the perfect place to learn a range of cowboy and indian skills, you will soon be shouting ‘Yee- Hah!’

Robin Hood and Maid Marian:  Imagine you are in Sherwood Forest, where we will teach you all the skills you’ll need to help Robin Hood save Maid Marian from the nasty Sherriff. Combines a fun selection of craft activities and target practice with our junior crossbows.

Junior Musketeers: One for all and all for fun! Have you got the skills needed to be one of the three musketeers? With fancy footwork, sword skills and battles, this junior fencing activity will bring out your child’s inner musketeer. En-Garde! 

Pirates and Princesses: ‘How do you do?’ or ‘Ahoy there matey!’ Join the Captain and his pirates as the princesses try and find the royal treasure that they have stolen.  Enjoy a range of craft activities and find the stolen treasure in this swashbuckling adventure!

Balanceability: Balanceability combines ergonomic balance bikes with a range of activities that builds confidence, spatial awareness and dynamic balance skills. Children will enjoy a range of activities to build their ‘balanceability’ to ensure they will soon be able to cycle without needing stabilisers!

Go Active!  

Go Active are sessions designed for older children and adults who will be trained by our qualified instructors on everything from the art of archery to the thrill of body zorbing. Adult supervisor of under 14s is required for all activities.

Age: Over 7 years Price: £12 Duration: 1.5 hours
Ready? Aim. Fire! Let an Archery GB activity leader show you how to shoot a bow with accuracy and hit the gold with ease! With fun games and competition, there is something in this session for everyone.

Age: Over 12 years Price: £10 Duration: 1 hour
Join an Archery GB activity leader and test your hand/eye coordination with a range of fun activities that will test how precisely you can shoot a Crossbow. Enjoy all the fun of archery but with more precision aiming.

Age: Over 7 years Price: £8 Duration: 1.5 hours
Work up a sweat in this fast paced high intensity sport. With a British Fencing activity leader, you will learn all the footwork and sword skills you need to parry, riposte and disengage your way to victory.

Body Zorbs:
Age: Over 6 years (maximum weight is 14 stone) Price: £8 Duration: 1.5 hour
Have fun in a giant inflatable ball running, rolling and falling over in this thrilling, fun and crazy session. Participants will take part in a fun range of team and individual activities.

Age: Over 5 years (maximum weight is 14 stone) Price: £5 per turn.
Enjoy a range of thrilling and unique activities as you learn to walk on water and compete to see if you can top our infamous leader-board in one of our giant inflatable WaterWalkerz balls.

Snorkelling and Sea Scooters:
Age: Over 9 years Price: £10 Duration: 1.5 hours
Learn to snorkel with a British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) instructor and try out our submersible diving sea scooters. Explore the pool like never before and learn to swim like a fish!

Go Quest:
Age: All the family Price: £2.50 per family  Duration: Approx 1 hours
A fun family activity that teaches basic navigation and map skills. Have fun exploring the Park whilst trying to crack the Go Quest code.